Does this sound familiar?

"I'm unlovable. I'm not enough. I'm helpless. I don't matter. I’m too much. There's something wrong with me."

As a child, that's when we were most vulnerable. We were open and in touch with our emotions. However, if the relationships were painful, they might've taught us who we should be, not who we really are.

We develop core wounds in our childhoods, and many of us continue to live through these wounds into our adult lives. These woundings are still here because we've suppressed our authentic (original) selves—who are begging to come out.

These core wounds often lead to belief systems that give us an inaccurate representation of who we truly are, so we can't connect with ourselves as deeply as we want.

The 10-day Inner Child Core Wounding Meditation Challenge is designed to help you begin the practice of interrupting these false belief systems so you can make room to connect with your true self.

Our childhood wounds can be healed, and with a bit of practice to disrupt these repetitive patterns, we will reap the benefits of a healed and loving heart.