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Hey Reader,

What does this number represent: 400 trillion to one?

Your birth.

The odds of you being alive right now — or even reading this — are astronomical.

This means the 400 trillion to one chance of you being born is unique.

Let it also represent the uniqueness of what you're meant to do in this lifetime.

It might be hard to believe at times that you can be filled with joy and ease, especially when you might be struggling with day-to-day stresses and situations with people that seem to reinforce the frustrations, the sadness, the grief, and the anger that you might be feeling.

One of the main themes that I see with my clients is not feeling worthy. There's this void, this emptiness that is hard to fill.

I believe that we all come into this physical world perfectly.

And it's the result of complicated family dynamics and traumatic experiences that lead us to believe we're less than perfect.

Our lives become dramatically different when we remember who we are and where we come from.

Knowing ourselves goes way beyond our families of origin.

Once we connect to the divinity of who we are, we no longer question ourselves, and our doubts, fears, and anxieties melt away like ice on hot concrete.

I put this video together for you that goes a bit deeper.

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Our retreat was beautiful. You can catch a quick recap below.

The women who opened themselves up to this experience walked away with powerful insights, tremendous confidence, and a renewed sense of faith in themselves (and in life).

Most importantly, they walked away closer to knowing more of who they are. Many of you have been asking when the next one is, and we're still working out those deets.

But you can add your name to the waitlist if you're not already on it. We keep them small and intimate for deep transformation to take place.

We foresee that our future retreats will book fast as we have 45 people on the wait list as of today. So, if this is something that's been on your mind this is THE sign that you're looking for 😜.

With Love Thrive Tribe,


PS: I've opened up 5 slots for one-on-one coaching, to go deep with people who are tired of their fears and want to remember how powerful they really are. There are only 3 slots left. Schedule a FREE Soul Session.

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