Defying Resistance

by Frantzces Lys

I'm a clinical therapist that went rogue. Now I'm a life coach and curate plant medicine wellness retreats and assisted psychedelic journeys to help people go deep and heal their trauma. I believe change can only happen through depth. Through my website & YouTube channel Defying Resistance, I show people how to defy the resistance in their lives so they can create wildly beautiful lives.

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The odds are in your favor 🎲

Hey Reader, What does this number represent: 400 trillion to one? Your birth. The odds of you being alive right now β€” or even reading this β€” are astronomical. This means the 400 trillion to one chance of you being born is unique. Let it also represent the uniqueness of what you're meant to do...
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9 months agoΒ β€’Β 1 min read
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